Air conditioning is taking an important role nowadays and is becoming an essential part in our daily life. However you may discover that the direct air (drafts) blowing from air-con vent above make you feel dry, freezing, annoying and uncomfortable no matter you are studying, working or entertaining. As a result, it is not only distracting your work and impairing your performance but also affecting your health especially the infant and the elderly.

Our R & D team focused on this issue and devoted to solving this problem by carrying out research and analysis repeatedly, testing with various materials, improving design and attending to details. Finally a brand new design, safe and easy to install product "AIR EASY deflector" was developed.

With the help of AIR EASY deflector, the air is spread more evenly and effectively throughout the room and creating a much more comfortable environment. From now on, you are free from the unpleasant air blowing from air-con directly onto you and can enjoy a health life.

Cassette type deflector 

Split type deflector 

Window type deflector 

Fan Coil deflector

Linear Slot Diffuser deflector

Extension unit


Square Diffuser Deflector (L)


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