夏日炎炎,只求清涼一刻。無論在家居、學校、餐廳還是辦公室,冷氣機已經成為日常必備產品。但好的冷氣機,並非是好的冷氣體驗。Air Easy 導風易研發團隊從日常生活問題出發,致力解決冷氣風向模式,利用科學導風設計,改善風力流動,從此冷氣不再直吹。同時留意產品細節,用心考慮材料、外觀及安裝等專業問題,打造更舒適放心的適用模式。小角度,大智慧,Air Easy 導風易開創意又健康的冷氣模式,享受暢快的同時,呵護你與家人的健康。

Can AIR EASY deflector be fitted to my air conditioner ?
There are four AIR EASY deflector models applicable to different types of air conditioning installation namely:
  • AE-C1, it is designed to fit most cassette type air-con unit
  • AE-S1, it is designed to fit most split type air-con unit, but also compatible with cassette type and fan-coil vent.
  • AE-W1, it is designed to fit most window type air-con unit
  • AE-F1, it is designed to fit most fan-coil vents
  • AE-F2, it is designed to fit most linear slot diffuser
  • AE-D1, it is designed to fit most square diffuser
Is AIR EASY deflector suitable for air conditioner with long exhaust vent ?
Yes. The main body length of AIR EASY model AE-C1 , AE-S1 , AE-F1 , AE-F2 & AE-D1 is 550mm in standard. With extension unit AE-X1 added, the total body length becomes 820mm which should fulfill most air-con units.
Is it easy to install ?
Absolutely easy. Installation is simple and requires NO tools / drills. AIR EASY deflector is easily attached to the air-con units with only few steps, and NO skills or technician is needed. Pls see the installation clip for demonstration details of various models.
Is there a risk of the deflector falling off ?
As long as the installation steps are strictly observed, there should be no issue with the deflector coming loose or falling. In addition, you are also required to tie up the safety plastic wire around the air-con unit for security purpose.
Can I use AIR EASY deflector with 2 in 1 cooling & heating air-con ?
AIR EASY deflector can be used with 2 in 1 cooling & heating air-con while operating in hot summer and cold Winter. The insulating EVA fixed at the back of the deflector can stand up to 80°C.
Is any maintenance required ?
No maintenance is required in general. However, you can detach the main body for cleaning with soft cloth whenever in need.

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